Day Seven- Moldovan Wine

Had a lie in today to make up for the fact that I’d had very little sleep whilst staying with my grandad. Despite the hard floors didn’t sleep too badly, apart from rolling over every few hours to stop the pins and needles running through my arms and legs. When I finally ventured out of bed, the hostel owner got me out some bread so I could make myself breakfast despite me missing breakfast time by a good few hours. Much appreciated considering I hadn’t ate since 3pm the day before when I got on the train.

  When I finished my breakfast the owner told me that a bed was now available for tonight if I wanted it, I snatched at the opportunity, I’ve been travelling through cities way too fast to be experiencing them fully.

The hostel here has a very social aspect to it, and everyone seemed to be socialising with everyone despite the many language barriers, we went to the local supermarket bought some nice Moldovan wine and brought it back to the hostel for everyone to enjoy, for £2 a bottle you can’t complain. After indulging through one bottle we were told about a nearby lake which lay in a park so we arranged to go that to cool off from the heat, not before finishing a second bottle of wine of course. Beginning to think the bloke from Manchester I met on the train may be a bad influence.

   At around 4pm we finally made it out of the hostel, when you travel around on your own for a while you forget how long people spend thinking about doing stuff before they actually do anything. We took the short 1km walk to the park and down about 100 steps to the lake, it was worth it, the lake was stunning.

  There was a small beach by the side of the lake, which I used to go for a swim, only quite realising just how much the two bottles of wine had gone to my head when I reached the farthest point of my swim and realised I’d have to swim back. Everyone else backed out on the swim, suppose some people are much more sensible, I didn’t care too much it was way too hot to be sat around all day.

  After the swim we walked back ascending the stairs back to the hostel, walks such as this are starting to make me miss the longboard aspect of the trip. Being able to cover distance much faster is something you take for granted. Looking forward to getting to Bucharest to go to the skate shop there. 

When we arrived back at the hostel we were greeted by more wine of which we gladly partook. I also gained a new friend, in a puppy from the house next door, which must’ve barely been 8 weeks old, she got herself cornered by the local cockerel (that wouldn’t shut the fuck up), I picked her up and helped her out and  from then on she was quite happy to play with me whilst we all sat outside drinking wine.

    In the evening myself, an American, a Canadian and my friend from the train all decided that we would go to a steakhouse in the centre of town as a treat. For around £10 this was by far my most expensive meal of the trip so far. However, it was 700g of steak with sides, salad and soup for starte,r complemented with more wine and beer ofcourse, there’s a bit of a theme to today. As can be seen from my selfie out the taxi window on the way back to the hostel. 

  On return to the hostel I began to sober up and tire, we sat around chilling and talking till about 1am before I decided enough was enough and went to bed, all in all a good day with great company. 

2 thoughts on “Day Seven- Moldovan Wine

  1. Looks like you are having a good adventure Michael, it’s great being able to share it with you. We had tata pie yesterday and were wondering what you were eating, but it sounds like you are doing just fine. It won’t stop me and your mum worrying though!


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