Day Six – Another night on the floor

Up early again this morning to go into Odessa again, chose the French shower option again today. Was hoping to get to explore Odessa more this time. Iryna went off to church, they offered to take me, I politely declined. Didn’t have the heart to tell them I’d actually rather drag my balls through hot coals than sit through a church service, never mind a service in Russian. Besides, if I get told off for swearing one more time I’m probably gonna explode. 

  The drive into town felt like I was risking life and limb, Ukrainian roads are dangerous enough without Grandad and Iryna bickering like 5 year olds over the sat nav. 

  We then went to look for a dentist to fix Grandads dentures, you know the day’s going well when you’re looking forward to sitting on a train for 5 hours. 

  Iryna spoke for me when I booked the ticket into Moldova yesterday, so I didn’t have a clue where in Moldova I was actually going. The ticket was written in Russian, I would’ve asked her what it said but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. 

  After Iryna got back from the church she told us a story from her friend who said that she was taken up to heaven by God for a moment through the service, and everything was all happy clappy and wonderful. Guess I’m not the only one who sleeps through church services then. 

  We then went for a meal before I had to get on the train at a small restaurant in Odessa, tenner for four meals, might not be as insanely in debt as I thought by the end of this trip.

  Got onto the train which turned out to be going to Chisinau, I suspected it would be going there as on google maps it seemed to be the only thing in Moldova. Spoke to an American couple on the train, started great until it became them just talking at me and having no hope of them ever being quiet again. Best of all he defended US gun laws so common sense isn’t particularly working there either. Had an interesting analogy of Putin putting hot pokers up Obama’s  ass, this is gonna be a long train ride. I got the last laugh though, gave them a link to this blog. I arrived rather late and due to lack of internet I had no hostel booked so I hoped I could find a night train to pretty much anywhere in Romania possible. 

When I arrived in Chisinau there was no train to Bucharest till tomorrow. However I met a guy from Manchester on the train into Chisinau, nice bloke, told me about a nice hostel he was staying at, so I got a taxi with him there. There were no beds left so I ended up sleeping on the floor, wasn’t complaining, just happy to have a place to stay.

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