Day Five – Furniture Shopping?

Was out late last night due to going for a walk to the beach then getting majorly lost on the way back. It wasn’t student night as I’d hoped. However I enjoyed getting lost cause it meant I got to see a lot of the city, there was very little signs of life except the occasional Kebab shop. Crawled back into the hostel at about 3 am and was out like a light.

 6:30am woke up by the hostel owner demanding I paid him despite him saying the night before to pay when I checked out. His English wasn’t great so he didn’t seem to understand get fucked. He then proceeded to try to rip me off, he seemed to understand more this time, I went back to sleep.

7:30am I think it’s fair to say grandad and Iryna’s happy to see you hello wasn’t met with equal emotion, I hate mornings.

 After this me Grandad and Iryna went to the train station to get me a ticket to Chisinau for tomorrow, can only stay with them for one day unfortunately as I’m already a day and a half behind. Although I’m sure grandad must have some great plans for the day if he’s calling this early.

 The next activity for the day was furniture shopping… I came on holiday for this. So off we went to a small furniture market somewhere in the outskirts of Odessa.    After what seemed like an age they came to a decision of what cupboards they wanted. Whole time I’m wishing I’d simply forgot to get off the train and woke up in Bucharest. However life goes on and we went back to granddad’s house via a small market to buy some worms for fishing. Enjoyed this little stop as it gave me time to fuss the stray dogs that were waiting for the fish market’s scraps. Also the hour journey allowed me to catch up on some much needed sleep, or so I thought, rookie error forgetting about the giant potholes that make up the Ukrainian roads, woke to the feeling of my head nutting the window. Beginning to see a pattern here of these potholes causing me pain. 

 Once we got to my Grandads house, which is still in a bit of a state of disrepair, he showed me round. He showed me the outside toilet (hole in the ground) and to the shower, of which I was told ‘it’s okay you can have a shower at my place’, only difference being my shower at the hostel wasn’t a water butt attached to a garden sprinkler. Cheers grandad.


  Funnily enough I skipped the shower. Then we were onto some jobs because I promised him I’d help him with his house, so I ended up climbing his tree to cut branches down. Most fun I’d had all day.

  As the day went on grandad decided that as I was only staying for one day, we should go and have some fun.  So we went down to the estuary near his house for a swim, great laugh despite the cold. Then he showed me how to fish in the river.

  Spectacular scenery and 12 fish later we came back for a woodfire BBQ and I’m happy to say they saved the fish for the next day, they didn’t look very appetising. Was a lovely evening and just showed me that despite the floors of his past he’all always be my grandad. Cheers for a great evening. 

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