Day Four – Broken Wheels and Long Train Rides

  Missed the 6am train this morning due to a taxi I booked not showing up, suppose I can’t complain it took me nearly half an hour to book it, sign language doesn’t work very well over the phone. 
  So I went out early this morning on my board to take advantage of the quieter roads which was all fun till I hit a pothole and was sent completely arse over tit, but still nothing more than grazes and damaged pride. At least I thought, till I looked at my board and realised there was definitely something missing. 

I guess after a few years of wear and tear the urethane gets quite brittle, completely snapped to the core though guess I must’ve ate shit harder than I thought. 

  Most of the remainder of my time in Kiev was spent searching for a skate shop in order to replace the wheel, however this was all in vain because the only skate shop I found appeared to be of the poser ‘stussy’ kind, with about 4 complete boards in the whole place. I was a tad disappointed to say the least. Although I did expect that the skate scene wouldn’t be incredibly popular out here. 

  I went back to the hostel checked out and started the trek to the station. I call it a trek despite being merely 2km, I was now carrying everything, including a 3 wheeled longboard so it seemed a lot further than it actually was. 

  On the subject of leaving Kiev I’d like to say thank you to Anton and Marianna for helping me get my phone fixed so quickly.

  Despite the mishaps of the day the train itself was a reasonably pleasant 7 hour ride through the Ukrainian countryside, with wifi working the whole trip. I got into Odessa at about 11:30pm with an extra night in a hostel booked due to Granddads ‘it’s too dark to come pick you up’ excuse. Probably would’ve appreciated a more honest ‘can’t be arsed’. However every cloud has a silver lining and this allows me to see what Odessa has to offer on a Thursday night. Please let it be student night.

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