Day Two – Putin Toilet Paper

Day two: Up early this morning despite getting in so late due to the shear heat. Another thing I hadn’t planned for. Anyway ‘seize the day’ and all that shite had me motivated, so I unpacked most of my stuff into my locker and went out for a few miles of longboard sightseeing.

  My first and favourite sight of the day has to be Putin bog roll found in the markets which lie in the metro under the roads.


 Further riding and google maps led me to the Rodina Mat Statue, usually at this point I’d go to google and write some bullshit acting as if I knew everything about it. However Ill keep this honest, all the signs were in russian so I basically just went, took some photos and enjoyed the fact that the surrounding park had very smooth paths which made weaving in and out of pedestrians as fast as you can all the more fun. There were however some stunning views from the statue overlooking Kiev. 

  After a few miles of battling uphill longboarding, combined with the summer sun, I can honestly say I was knackered so I found a bar with free wifi and refuelled for the trip back. Home comforts of arguing with flatmates about who’s gonna ring the landlord via Facebook make the trip all the more worth it, I now have the best excuse.

  On my way back to the hostel I found Kiev’s equivalent of Big Ben (a clock on a hill). I would’ve gone down to read what it was about, however I assumed that it would follow suit and be written in Russian and leaving my belt at the hostel made this a race back to the hostel before I showed Kiev my arse.

  Also discovered an ‘international marriage agency’ assume that’s basically where you can buy a wife, until they get citizenship of course.

  In the evening I met up with Anton and Marianna and they took me to a park where we rented electric bike/scooter things. Great fun, small tip, don’t attempt snapchat whilst riding, potholes and no suspension don’t go well together. RIP old iPhone screen.

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