Day One – Winging It through Europe

Day One: Sat on the train apprehensive for the trip ahead. Vague plans in mind of where I want to go with simply a flight to Ukraine booked, an interrail pass and a longboard to make my way home.   This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long while now. I don’t enjoy plans and find that they ruin the real adventure of trips such as this, so here I am, putting the “failing to plan is planning to fail” mantra to the test. Reminds me of times spent at Scouts as a child willing the leaders to spend less time condescending and more time actually doing the activities. Suppose that’s what happens when you have your bollocks tied by health and safety. 

        Currently on the flight perplexed by Russian pronunciations, coming in at 00:40 I’ve got a taxi booked to take me to my hostel which more than likely I will be unable to check in to. Beds are overrated anyway.

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