Day 14 – Cliff Diving!!

Up early in order to try to take advantage of the free breakfast at the hotel, although mouldy eggs weren’t exactly what I had in mind. We agreed on the previous night that we were all gonna go to the beach at about 2pm. Firstly however I had to see if I could book another night in the hotel as Id only booked in for 2 nights initially. I managed to get another night although I’d have to change rooms which was a massive pain in the arse cause I’d done my usual empty my bag everywhere routine, as I’m sure many of you know, I’m not a tidy person.

  Besides that I spent the rest of the morning finding some food to substitute the sub par breakfast the hotel offered. Therefore it was Gyros for breakfast once again. 

 After that I went to meet Chris at Syntagma square once again, from there we went to Elliniko (the end of the metro line) to meet Nina and Ioanna. From there Nina gave us a lift to the beach, on the way we spotted a point where we initially stopped just to take photos, however me and Nina spotted the cliffs and both wanted to jump so we stopped for a bit longer. 

In the beginning we were all very tentative. Chris, Nina and I jumped, only from about 10 feet or so, which was fun but left us with the need to go higher. Gradually we gained confidence getting higher and higher and before we knew it we were just a few feet from the top platform. Me and Nina jumped together first followed by Chris who did a grade A seat drop on to the water which must’ve been rather painful. After this Nina and I went up to the top platform, I must admit I was absolutely shitting myself, it was huge. There was only space for one at a time on the highest platform, we both tentatively looked over the edge at the sea below. I backed off from the edge giving it a moments thought, before I could even get my camera to hand Nina jumped hitting the water in a bad position she hit the water ass first which although funny at the time must’ve hurt quite a lot as this maimed her for the rest of the day. 

In a bid to scrape some pride out of my ladies first approach I knew I now had to jump or I’d look like an absolute pussy, I jumped making the pretty short sighted mistake of looking down at the water as I went, the water hit me in the face like a brick wall, however despite feeling slightly bewildered by the slap in the face Id just received I was in one piece and we both began to laugh off our pain and head for the rocks. Ioanna, then seeing that we were enjoying the jumps finally decided she was going to give it a try if we all jumped at once from one of the lower platforms. We all jumped together, got some go pro photos and videos before we went back on our way to the beach.

  The beach was just a short drive further round the coast, luckily for Nina as she could no longer sit. We went for a swim in the sea and played a few games. Once back on dry land we ordered some beers from the beach bar and chilled out as the sun started to go behind the surrounding hills. After a while chilling and chatting we threw an American football around that Chris had brought for an hour or so before we set off back towards the town for food. Nina didn’t join us due to the injuries gained from jumping off the cliffs earlier in the day so she dropped us off at kfc. 

 From there we went back on the metro and I got my first early night in Athens after a brilliant day. Back to the usual travelling on my own tomorrow, feels strange, I’ve been way too comfortable over the last few days.

One thought on “Day 14 – Cliff Diving!!

  1. That seems like your kind of fun Michael but I bet your mum is cringing just like me thinking of what damage you could have done to yourself. Please take care, love you xxxxx


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