Day Nine- Bucharest Night out

TL:DR Day Eight- Spent most of the day relaxing in the hostel then got on the 21:30 bus to Bucharest and sat next to some guy who wouldn’t shut up the whole way no matter how much I ignored him and tried to sleep, was great fun, would recommend.

Arrived in Bucharest at 6am. Having no clue where in Bucharest I was, I went in search of a McDonalds to get some internet, to get my bearings and find a hostel to catch up on some sleep. Found out that McDonald’s doesn’t actually open until 7am so I decided to go for a quick explore around the area where the bus dropped me off, didn’t find much, turns out I was quite a distance from anything worth seeing. 

  Once McDonalds opened I found out that the hostel that had been recommended to me was about 3km away and it had a skate shop nearby. Took me about 40 minutes to drag myself to the hostel trying not to fall asleep the whole way. On arrival I was told I couldn’t check in till 11 so simply locked my stuff up and went for breakfast with some people in the hostel, becoming a grade A tag along this holiday. The area around the hostel was great, situated in the middle of the Old town, surrounded by loads of places to eat, drink and a short walk to the parliament building. Little Bucharest hostel, great recommendation from the guys I met in Chisinau.

 After breakfast we went for a walk to the parliament building to see if we could get in, unfortunately you couldn’t get in without a tour guide on this particular day so we decided to skip because we didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg just to get talked at for 2 hours so we took some pictures then went to find some ice cream.

  We returned to the hostel at about 11am as they had to go to the airport because they were going home today. I checked into my room, however now I’d eaten I no longer really felt the need for a nap, I found the local skate shop and finally got back on four wheels again, finally! This made exploring central Bucharest much less time consuming. 

  When I came back from the shop I joined Laure and Sara, two French people I spoke to when I checked in, for a trip to the park and to see the statue of Vlad the impaler. I would’ve tried out my incredibly rusty French yet they both spoke English so that made my life a lot easier. With the hostel being surrounded by so many bars it was impossible to refuse to go out in the evening, however due to the large number of tourists we realised that the bars would be quite expensive so we chose the classy option of swigging cheap supermarket vodka in the hostel as pre drinks, meeting up with two other guys that were staying in the hostel, by this point I was definitely beyond the remembering names phase. We went out to a few bars/clubs which all seemed to be playing the same pretty shit charts playlist but all in all was still a pretty good night. We were out till about 4am before we came back to the hostel with a kebab. Laure lived up to the French stereotype by slating the kebab due to their being no salad and wrote them a bad review on trip advisor. 

  Once back at the hostel we chilled on the balcony for about half an hour before caving in and finally going to sleep, by this point I’d been up for about 28 hours. Gotta get a 12:50 train to Sofia tomorrow, gonna be a fun morning.

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