Day Ten- Sleeping Rough

Woke up after only 2 hours sleep by people leaving the hostel at 7am and couldn’t get back to sleep because I felt hungover. I quickly decided I would just sleep on the train as there was little to no chance of me getting back to sleep and not sleeping through the 12:50 train.

  I went to reception to get water and see if anyone was awake, surprisingly I wasn’t the only one awake from the night before. Seems someone got lucky in one of the other dorms which I guess would wake you up a lot easier than people going to work. 

  I sat around the hostel talking to people till about 12:00 before setting off on my longboard to get to the train station in time, said my goodbyes then off I went, back on my own again. Would’ve loved to have stayed in Bucharest longer because I had an absolute blast there in just a single day there, it’s odd making friends for such a short period of time. 

 It took me about half an hour to ride to the station, the fresh air helped me shift my hangover a little. When I got to the station I had probably my 6th or 7th McDonalds of this trip, seems like every train station seems to have it as it’s only food option.

 The 9 and a half hour ride from Bucharest to Sofia, seemed to take an absolute eternity due to the amount of times we stopped and the amount of time taken at the border, however I got there in the end.

  It was late arriving into Sofia and once again I had no hostel booked, nor Internet to find one. I asked a girl who was carrying a backpack if she knew if there was a nearby hostel, she told me that she did but it was too late to check in now so she was going to sleep at the station. Even when it was dark the temperature remained moderately warm so I had no problem in tagging along with this. We went to a local supermarket grabbed some beers and then explored the city a little by night before it got too late. 

 We returned to the station at about 00:30 where we found 2 benches that seemed ‘reasonable’ for sleeping. She told me how she had stolen 90% of all her travel gear from decathlon. Wasn’t sure what to say to that. Needless to say, I locked everything to the bench that night. 

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