Day Eleven- Sleeping in a Café

 Woken up by a security guard at 5am whose only English seemed to be ‘Get out foreigner!. Great way to start the day.

  We left the station for about 5 minutes then came back to try and go back to sleep, however this was a pointless affair with the station now beginning to return to its usual hustle and bustle. A hangover was slowly creeping in so we went to a nearby shop in order to get some water. After this I attempted to find some info on the train I needed to take to Thessaloniki, Greece, however the international office was closed so it was back to the usual plan of trying to find internet. 

  Me and Gabriella went our separate ways at this point as she was going to find a hostel for the following night, you’d almost think sleeping on a bench wasn’t pleasant or something. 

 I finally found internet sat outside a hotel in the centre of Sofia and found there was a coach to Thessaloniki however the train wasn’t showing up online. So off I went to the bus station in order to try to get a ticket for that coach, however when I got there the bus was fully booked. Although I figured now it was a bit later the international office at the train station may be open so I went and asked about the train to Thessalaoniki. Finally I got given the train time of 15:20 so I knew I had a few hours to kill in Sofia.

 After finding out how much time I had left to explore in Sofia I jumped on my longboard and figured I’d do a spot of sightseeing through Sofia. To be honest I was rather disappointed with the capital of Bulgaria. Very little to see and I was done within a couple hours. 

   So I returned to the station with an hour and a half to spare, drank lots of tea in a nearby café and took advantage of the free wifi.

 When the time for my train finally came around I went to the station and met a few other people travelling to Thessaloniki in order to get to Athens, everyone seemed to be of the same mindset of get out of Thessaloniki ASAP due to how expensive it was per night there. None were quite willing to go to the extreme of staying in the station however. 

 The train was delayed for 2 hours as it crossed the border and we had to change trains along the way which really just made it all the more sense not to have paid for a hostel. 


  After a long while of going back and forward the power cut from the train for half an hour and we were plunged into darkness which felt kinda weird talking to strangers I’m the dark. 

  Eventually we got rolling again and after what seemed like an eternity we arrived in Thessaloniki. I went off to find something cheap to eat settling for a kebab as it seemed to be the only place open. After this I returned to the station to pick myself a place I could rest till the 5:13am train in the morning. I first tried staying in the station, and I found a Belgian guy who was doing the same as me. He’d managed to hitchhike 3x farther than I had managed to get taking the train today, and the journey took him the same amount of time as my train ride, gotta love public transport. However we got moved out the station as it closed at about 1am. Finally we found a 24 hour coffee shop so we each bought a drink each and chilled for the evening.


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