Day 13 – Clubs Again

Woke up at 17:00, therefore this will be a short one, felt like being back at uni having slept the whole day. I messaged Chris and asked what we were doing with the evening, himself having only woken at 16:00. We decided to go into town once again and meet up with Magda and Nina. We went out for a meal (gyros once again) not complaining it seems to be the only cheap thing in Athens. 

After this we went to Gazi, I’m probably murdering the spelling, I have no internet to check. We ended up going to a bar which was offering a second round free if you ordered drinks this took the price from extortionate to marginally reasonable so we thought we’d have a couple beers here. We then moved onto a roof bar which played rock music which I thoroughly enjoyed. We didn’t drink much, partly due to the fact we drank the previous night but more due to the fact Nina had to drive and it wouldn’t of been fair to all drink when she had to drive. Although not drinking much we were out till around midnight before Nina took us all back, if she’s reading this thanks for all the lifts and everything for all the time in Athens. 

5 thoughts on “Day 13 – Clubs Again

  1. Do we gather from this that you are moving on from Athens today when you wake up? Everyone wants to know where next.
    PS – I got some tickets for Green Day on Weds 8th Feb in London, you want 1?


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