Day 12 – Athens is awesome

Woke up in a sense of panic knowing from how many times I’ve overslept in the past that I’d probably missed my train,  whincing as I checked the time on my phone. 5:12am. My train left at 5:13, I sprinted as fast as I could to the platform and made it on with seconds to spare. 

  Once on board I found a seat, something which has been quite difficult with me never wanting to pay for a reservation. The ticket guy came over and checked my ticket, said my ticket was fine, then said I needed to pay €10, that’s a days worth of money, there was no way I was going to pay that. He then threatened to kick me off if I refused to pay. Something which didn’t faze me in the slightest as I knew there was another train in the next few hours, however I figured this was a simple try and get money off the foreigner trick so I called his bluff and played the dumb foreigner. ‘I don’t understand you, no I’m not giving you anything’ which seemed to work, he didn’t kick me off in the end.

  With getting on the first train of the day and managing to catch plenty of sleep after the robbing cunt left me alone, I was in Athens by 10am. With spending so much time sat in a café on the previous night I’d had plenty time to actually download the map of Athens which made life easier. It was a short 1.5km walk to the hostel, which actually turned out to be a rather nice hotel, for hostel prices you can’t complain. 

  I checked in and spoke to a few people who were also travelling, usually at this point I’d tag along with them however I turned them down for the first time this trip, which felt odd like I was betraying my usual routine.

 After checking in and briefly doing some internet browsing I went to meet Chris and his friend in Syntagma square. Once there I was introduced to Magda one of Chris’ friends and we all went off to find somewhere cheap to eat.

  I tried Gyros for the first which I thoroughly enjoyed especially as it’s cheaper than McDonalds to buy and much more filling. Might become my new food to live off for my time in Greece. 

 Once we’d all had our fill we took the metro over to the Acropolis, the whole place is a sight to behold, even without the buildings the views of Athens below were utterly spectacular.

We spent a few hours pushing our way through tourists and taking pictures then sat atop on of the rocks overlooking the city whilst we decided our next move. 

  Eventually we came to the decision to find somewhere with a nice view in order to relax and have a few drinks before we all had to go get changed ready for the foam party in the evening. 

 We found a roof bar from which you could see the Acropolis which was really nice however the drink prices were extortionate so we only stayed for one.  

 On return to the hostel I changed into something more suitable for a night out partying and packed the go pro as Id been told there was a pool in the club. We had agreed to all meet at Syntagma square at 9pm and we’d all go from there to the club. Once there I was introduced to all of Chris’ friends and they agreed that every time someone spoke Greek they had to take a drink, a rule I found rather easy to abide by. Most of them were unfamiliar with the idea of predrinks as apparently that isn’t a thing here, I assumed it would be more prevalent here due to the fact that drink prices in bars and clubs seemed to rival that of central London. 

  From the end of the metro Nina gave us a lift in her car, 7 people in a 5 person car was rather cosy. Luckily the journey was a short one. Once we arrived at the club we parked up, then decided to go to the beach in order to introduce these Greeks to pre drinks. 

  We got into the club at about 23:30 and had a great time, as usual there was some friendship drama but there always is on nights out. 

  We left the club at about 5am all of us absolutely knackered and got the first tram of the day back to the centre and made it to bed about 7am. Overall a brilliant day but I really need sleep. 

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